Make The First Five Count

Make The First Five Count Numbers IconMake the First Five Count is a national program led by Easter Seals Canada. Through this robust and informational website, the program illuminates the critical importance of the first five years of a child’s development and the need to be aware of the developmental milestones a child progresses through each phase of development.

The Early Years

The first five years of life are truly the miracle years. This is the time of greatest human development and the time when we as adults have the most profound influence on a child’s future.

A child’s ability to learn and create, to communicate, to love, to trust and to develop positive self-esteem happens during these first five years. A child’s experiences in these critical early years help determine how that child will relate to the world around them for the rest of their life.

Although every child is unique and develops at his or her own pace, understanding the basics about child development will enable you as parents and caregivers to better anticipate and track certain skills a child typically acquires through each age and stage of development.

Invest in Kids

All original content found within this site was developed by the experts at Invest in Kids, a national charitable organization with a mission to better support Canadian parents. Invest in Kids experts were thought leaders in coming to better understand Canadian parents: how they felt and thought about their roles as parents. Often their work impacted policy and provided great insight into the world of child development and parenting.