Including all Children

Kids playing in a sandbox

Making activities more accessible for children living with a disability often involves a thoughtful and creative approach to building specific skills. Simple changes to an activity can successfully support a wide range of abilities. When children feel they belong, it makes a difference in their confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to participate with their peers in an activity.

If we ask each other what could be done to make it easier for a child to play with a toy, friends, or participate in an activity, we have encouraged the movement toward including all children.

Accessibility for all children

Make the First Five Count is introducing an accessibility feature, which is indicated by this icon Accessibility Icon. By clicking on the accessibility icon Accessibility Icon you will find some suggested tips that will make an activity easier for every child to enjoy. By adjusting some specific elements, children with a range of abilities will benefit by practicing skills to support social, emotional, gross motor, fine motor and intellectual developmental milestones.

It takes a community to ensure every child feels they belong. Every baby’s, toddler’s and preschooler’s potential, whether it is building physical strength, learning new words, or working out their feelings, is inspired by everyday moments. A safe and caring environment, that includes play, is essential to opening the window of possibilities for your child.

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  • If a child living with disabilities has community support and participates in community events
  • The child will feel loved and develop a positive sense of identity


  • If a child living with a disability has access to a range of play and social activities
  • The child will develop independence and desire for lifelong learning