Activities: Infant

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Baby Nature Walk

This outdoor activity develops your baby’s love for nature by encouraging them to take notice of the sights and sounds around them.


Toddler Picnic

This activity encourages toddlers to experience what is needed for a picnic. You and your toddler will share putting the picnic together by buying and making the food to setting out the blanket.


Baby Feast Food Experience

Baby’s enjoy food through every sense. This activity encourages your baby to to enjoy their food experience.


Baby Tickles

This fun activity develops your baby’s social interaction by listening to a rhyme and waiting for the tickles.

Massage your Baby: Arms and Hands

This gentle massage moment provides time for your baby to experience self-awareness, muscle tone, joint flexibility specifically through the arms and hands.


This fun peek-a-boo activity develops your baby’s intellectual ability to realize that objects do not disappear even if they can’t be seen.

Picture Book

This picture book activity encourages your baby to practice their small muscles in the fingers and hands to turn the pages in the book. You will enjoy depicting the photos and your baby will attempt to grasp and hold the picture book to strengthen their fine motor skills.