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A Cuddle-Worthy Cactus

You can make a cuddle catus entirely by hand using felt with the seams on the outside. Or take it up a notch using a cotton fabric and machine-sew your cactus, hiding the seams on the inside. Either way, it will be a beautiful ever-blooming treat for your home.


Raccoon Carabiner Key Ring

This animal inspired arts and crafts activity is a fun way to talk about the animals we see and those we might not.


Toddler Cleans up a Mess

Toddlers love to help clean up after a meal by wiping the table. This activity encourages toddlers to develop a routine of cleaning up and gives them a sense of pride byhelping.


Toddler Playing Ball

This activity is playing a simple ball game with your toddler Play with a ball is s a great way to introduce some physical activity and turn taking.


Toddler Sees Mr. Sunrise

This activity will help create waking up in the morning with your toddler a special moment, by greeting the beautiful sunrise together with a song.

Child with paint all over face

Fabulous Face Paint

Making face paint is a simple art towards being someone or something else! You and your toddler can enjoy the special moment together, pretending to be animals, insects or community helpers!

Child with grandparents

If You’re Happy and You Know It

This is a music and movement activity that will encourage toddlers to learn the words to express different feelings and emotions using physical actions (i.e. clap, cross arms).

Mother and toddler son in native headdresses

Clothes from Many Cultures

This is an activity that will encourage toddlers to explore cultural clothing and their different styles, fabrics and patterns to support their sense of self. Contrasting themselves is a way toddlers learn to become an individual and appreciate themselves.