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One is an Ant

One is An Ant

This is a creative active activity involving ants, giraffes, fishes, and bunnies that will encourage children to pretend to be different creatures while they explore a variety of actions using body movement.

Father and son playing with train set

Choo Choo Train

This train set activity will encourage children to become comfortable in playing with another child or adult and to begin to gain a sense of role play.

Toddler and Preschooler cooking

Dining with Toddlers

This restaurant activity will encourage children to use pretend play to extend social greetings, express affection, and play alongside others.

Child with stuffed elephant

The Elephant

Action songs are awesome to get toddlers moving around like an elephant. If you don’t know the tune to this action song …just make up your own…they won’t notice. They will be busy having fun, as they enjoy Nurture, Explore, and Share time with you!

Child carrying watering can

Egg Carton Garden

You don’t need a backyard to explore planting with your child! Simple tools such as seeds, soil, a spoon and an egg carton lid are all you need to make a little garden grow. Here is a simple Nurture, Explore, and Share activity to help your toddler’s love of gardening start to blossom!