Baby Bath and Wash Time


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You will need:

  • Large surface area
  • Warm room (75 degrees)
  • Plastic basin
  • Warm water
  • Baby safe soap and shampoo
  • Diaper ointment/ cream
  • 2 cotton washcloths
  • Blanket
  • Sufficient time
  • A quiet atmosphere with few distractions
  • A soft, thick towel


  1. Holding your baby securely, with one arm under his head, and the other arm on his bottom, gently slide your baby into the basin feet first.
  2. As you are wiping his face with a damp washcloth (wipe his eyes from the inner corner outward) gaze (looking with excitement) into your baby’s eyes.
  3. While you wipe around his mouth and chin area, talk to your baby and tell him what you are doing, for example, “Now I’m going to wipe around your and see your smile””.
  4. Play with your baby, as you wash around his neck and torso area, for example, you might tickle his tummy .
  5. Shampoo hair, if needed, (using just a drop of shampoo) and massaging it in gently with your fingers as you trickle water over your baby.
  6. To rinse your baby, first cradle him in one hand securely, with his body draped along your arm, and watching his head is over the basin. Look at your baby with lots of smiles
  7. Hum a soothing tune as you gently pour water over your baby’s head and pat him dry with a towel
  8. Now your baby is ready for a diaper and pajamas. You can hold and carry him as he says night, night to the moon.


  • If you give your baby eye contact when you give them a bath
  • Your baby will know they are loved


  • If you sing, touch, and speak to your baby as you wash the parts of their body
  • Your baby will feel safe and secure

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