Blowing Away the Clouds

Child in a field with arms spread open

Emotional: To develop control over expressing their emotions through a fun imaginative deep breathing practice.

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This is activity that will encourage children to recognize their own feelings. To explore ways to express and manage them through pretend play by blowing away the clouds. It also strengths the connection through their mind, body, and soul.

You will need:

  • Mind, body, and soul


  1. With your toddler, stand up, arms on your sides.  Ask them to imagine that there are puffy white clouds floating in the air above their heads.
  2. Inhale deeply through the nose as they reach their arms up toward the clouds.
  3. Slowly exhale to “blow the clouds away” as they push upward with their hands. Encourage children to take time to relax.  Repeat this exercise for as long as your child wants.
  4. Your child can do this on their own if they begin to feel overexcited, or worried.


  • Participate in calm breathing techniques with your child
  • Feel motivated to calm themselves


  • Encourage them to use body to represent clouds
  • Use imagination that they are floating on puffy white clouds to foster control of body

Enriching Learning Through the Everyday Moments

  • Provide play experiences that children can use to relax (i.e. finger painting, shaping play dough, sand and water play
  • Play tranquil background music and create a cozy corner with pillows, blankets and stuffed toys. Children can choose to play quietly in this area when they need to relax and have time alone.

Recommended Reading

  • A Boy and a Bear: The Children’s Relaxation Book by Lori Lite
  • Little Cloud by Eric Carle

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