Camp Badge


Safety Tips:

  • Children should have adult supervision while using materials that are toxic or objects that are sharp
  • Guide you child’s hands closely as needed while they use craft tools and materials
  • Children should use safety scissors

Making your own badge is a fun way to identify a person as part of a group or celebrate a special skill.

Social: this activity encourages children to work in a group activity and social interaction.

Required Materials:

  • Download PDF of instructions
  • As many pieces of colored felt (or other fabrics) as you can get
  • Scissors
  • Regular glue

Optional Materials:

  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread


  1. Cut out Badge Front and Backing pieces out of contrasting coloured fabrics
  2. Cut out accent pieces to decorate the front of the badge.
  3. Stitch or glue the applique pieces to the front badge. If sewing, knot the end of your threaded needle and hide the knots on the back of the front piece. Use a running stitch or stitched Xs to secure the pieces in place. Add extra accent stiches in place of starts or extra details.
  1. Once applique pieces are glued or sewn in place, glue or stich the Badge
  2. Apply a front to the backing, hiding your knots in between the two layers


  • If you make a badge building on your child’s unique qualities
  • Your child will build self-esteem


  • if you guide your child’s hands while they use various materials to create the badge
  • Your child will develop the confidence to try new things

Create Your Own Badge

This activity can be used to identify the wonderful character traits of children, for example caring, funny, or happy. You could also make badges for the activities that you share together for example, gardening, painting, nature walk. A badge book can be a creative way for you and your child save the memories.

Social: this activity encourages children to be confident in their skills and to be part of a group.

Whenever you order a craft kit online at from The Lunenburg Makery, a percentage goes directly to funding Easter Seals' programs.

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