Cosmic Craft Play Mat


Safety Tips:

  • Children should have adult supervision while using materials that are toxic or objects that are sharp
  • Guide you child’s hands closely as needed while they use craft tools and materials
  • Children should use safety scissors

This is a fun craft for the star enthusiast in your family. Making a craft play mat inspired by the stars is a great way to start crafting!

Fine motor: your child will develop hand strength when they cut and paste

Download the PDF

Required Materials:

  • Download instructions
  • Black sheet of felt
  • Scraps of colourful felt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Optional Materials:

  • Button (optional)
  • Hot glue gun




  1. Trace and cut out paper templates.
  1. Pin paper template to your coloured felt and cut out shapes. Make as many stars as you want!

Stitch Rocket

  1. Pin the pieces of the rocket in place (see photo) with the two fin pieces slightly underlapping the sides of the rocket body. Stack the flame accent on top of the flame base and pin just under rocket’s straight edge.


  1. Whip stitch along the edges where the pieces meet to hold them together. You always have the option of whip stitching around the entire rocket shape for visual consistency.

Stitch Alien

  1. Pin the mouth of the alien in place on the body and use a whip or running stitch to secure.


  1. Use a couple of small stitches to sew the black pupils onto the whites of the eyes. The white thread gives the effect of a highlight or glimmer. Continue using white thread and small running stitches to sew the eyeballs onto the alien body. Feel free to get creative with where you put them!

Embellish & Extensions

  1. We found a cool-looking button in one of (our many) button jars that we thought would be perfect to act as a window accent on our rocket. You could also decorate your rocket with your child’s initial cut out of felt or embroider it right on.  Add stripes, a pin, patch or badge – whatever you can find!
  1. For slightly older kids or for the space keeners in your life cut out at least a dozen stars and practice forming constellations on your mat. Kids love challenges and guessing what the constellations are make time in the back seat of the car pass much more quickly. Perhaps they’ll even invite some constellations of their own!



  • If you create a special moment observing the sky with your child
  • You child will develop an awareness of our planet earth


  • If you support your child’s expression of what they see
  • Your child will develop more detail in expression

Cosmic Place Mat

Making a cosmic place mat is a fun cut and paste activity inspired by the stars. Your child will be proud to use the place mat they made at meal time.

Fine motor: your child will develop hand strength when they cut and paste

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