Father and Mother and Uncle John

Social Development means being able to make friends and get along with others, work as part of a team and be a leader. These skills are all built on self-confidence, cooperation and trust.

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Your baby will enjoy interacting with you when you sing this movement song. This movement song along with the one-on-one time you spend with your baby promotes positive social intersections that last a lifetime.


  1. Seat baby on your lap, holding him facing you or toward group and
    bounce to the beat.
  2. On the third line, carefully lean baby to one side.
  3.  On the fourth line, carefully lean baby to the other side.
  4. On the last line, bounce baby on knee repeatedly.
  5. Other family members can be mentioned in this song, e.g., aunts,
    grandparents, cousins, etc.

Words and Actions:

Father and Mother and Uncle John
Went to town, one by one
Father fell off… [lean baby to one side]
And Mother fell off… [lean baby to other side]
But Uncle John went on and on and on and on and on… [bounce baby on knee repeatedly]



  • Provide close physical contact (i.e. playful knee bounce).
  • Feel safe as they are securely held during the bounce moment.


  • Use your voice expressively when you recite this
  • Builds interests in the sounds of the words.