Goodbye, Baby/Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Social Development means being able to make friends and get along with others, work as part of a team and be a leader. These skills are all built on self-confidence, cooperation and trust.

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The Goodbye/Twinkle Little Star lullaby provides a social opportunity for your baby to learn about greeting people and saying goodbye.


  1. Sing the Goodbye/Twinkle Little Star lullaby anytime when you want to relax your baby; during morning or evening routine.
  2. The song is provided below:

Words and Actions:

Goodbye ________
(Insert an individual’s name and wave to that person)
Goodbye ________
(Insert the next person’s name, and wave)
Goodbye ________
(Insert the next person’s name, and wave)
We’ll meet again next week.
(Repeat the song until you have said goodbye to each participant. Conclude by singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star together (or any other simple and familiar lullaby), to bring the session to a quiet close.)


  • Sing a gentle and quiet song.
  • Enjoy social interactions.
  • Learn to relax and feel secure.


  • Sing simple songs or lullaby
  • View social interactions as fun times to bond and play together.

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