Lacing Nature Shapes

Child cutting shapes

Fine Motor: To strengthen your child’s fine motor and problem solving skills.

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This activity will encourage children to strengthen their eye-hand co-ordination as they thread yarn through holes in familiar nature shapes.

You will need:

  • Pieces of Bristol board
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Mac Tac
  • Yarn
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  1. Cut different colours of Bristol board into familiar shapes found in nature (i.e. butterfly, leaf, snowflake, fish, cloud, flower) and laminate these with mac tac.
  2. Using a hole punch, make several holes within the outside edges of each shape. Tie a length of yarn to one of the holes. Wrap a small piece of tape around the end so it can be pushed more easily through each hole.
  3. Role model pushing and pulling yarn through the holes in the nature shapes. Describe how to hold up the card, grasp and place the end of the yarn into a hole and pull it through.
  4. Provide support and assistance as needed.
  5. You are now ready to begin this activity!
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  • Spend time with your child by engaging in the activity with them
  • Develop their confidence in their abilities as they gain mastery in lacing and sewing


  • Explore materials by touching and manipulating them
  • Feel encouraged to experiment and make discoveries

Enriching Learning Through the Everyday Moments

  • Provide a variety of activities that strengthen fine motor skills such as threading beads, putting pegs in holes, and doing up buttons.
  • Provide children with concrete experiences with items from nature. This will give them a foundation for recognizing pictures and cut out shapes.

Recommended Reading

  • A Pocket Of Corduroy by Don Freeman. [Pockets, Sewing, Lacing, Yarning]