Intellectual Development means being able to think creatively and abstractly, to pay attention, solve problems and develop keen judgement along with a lifelong readiness to learn.

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This fun peek-a-boo activity develops your baby's intellectual ability to realize that objects do not disappear even if they can’t be seen.

You will need:

  • If available, you can use a paper plate, scarf or small toy to hide behind.


  1. Sit facing your baby. Cover your face with your hands. Ask,
    “Where’s Mommy/Daddy?”
  2. Uncover your face, smile and say, “Peek-a-Boo!
  3. You can also hide behind something such as a scarf and emerge from
    behind it when you say, “Peek-a-Boo.”
  4. Adjust your position so that you are moving from one side of your
    baby to the other, so your baby will try to turn his head to locate
    your position.


  • Provide special attention through kisses each time they try to find you or the object.
  • Feel important and motivated to try again.


  • Make a silly face every time you say "Peek-a-Boo".
  • Stimulates thinking of missing object.
  • Encourages to laugh and smile.