Preschool Tidy-up Time


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You will need:

  • Baskets or boxes for toys
  • Pictures of toys to categorize the boxes (i.e. vehicles, Lego, blocks people, food, etc..)
  • Words to the 'Tidy-up' song It's time to tidy-up


  1. A head of time, plan an area or items that you would like your child to tidy-up (i.e. put the toys in their in baskets) and pictures of types of toys (i.e. vehicles, Lego, blocks, people, food).
  2. Introduce tidy-up time by singing the ‘tidy-up’ song
    • It’s time to tidy-up, It’s time to tidy-up,
      Let’s put the toys away,
      It’s time to tidy-up
  3. You and your child will put labels of the types of toys on the boxes or baskets that you are going to sort the toys in.
  4. Then, as you go through the toys with your child ask them what type of toy they think it is, for example, You have a car, what type of toy is a car?” If your child need help, then let your child know that a car is a vehicle and it would go in the vehicle bin.
  5. The net time you have a tidy-up time, start by singing the tidy-up song again and let your child take the lead by asking him “I found a block, where, do they go again?’


  • If you sing the tidy-up song
  • Your child will find shifting from the activity to putting toys away easier


  • If you sort toys with your child
  • Your child will develop sorting by category as a skill they can use every day

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