Preschooler Buttons


Domain Association: Fine Motor

Age Groups: , , , ,

You will need:

  • Pants, shirts, Jackets and pajamas with large buttons
  • Decorated box


  1. A head of time, start to find some of your child’s clothing (shirts, pants, jackets, pajamas) that have large buttons and put them in a decorated box.
  2. Let you child choose an item of clothing from the box they want to wear.
  3. Place the clothing on a flat surface (either on the ground or on a table) and let your child play with the buttons on the clothes before they put it on.
  4. Encourage your child to try to use the buttons by saying “How does the button go through the hole?” This will develop some curiosity in how buttons work.
  5. Allow your child to dress themselves. Feel free to comment on their actions. For example, “you have the button matching the hole!” “Wow you put the first button through the hole all by yourself”.


  • If you use encouraging words to celebrate your child's attempt at dressing
  • Your child will feel proud of themselves


  • If you create a special box and make dressing a fun game
  • Your child will feel motivated to keep practicing buttoning their clothes

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