There Was a Little Mouse

Emotional Development means the development of a full range of emotions from sad to happy to angry, and learning to deal with them appropriately. This helps build self-esteem and leads to such deeper qualities as sympathy, caring, resiliency, assertiveness and empathy and the ability to rise to life’s challenges.

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This music and movement song allows your baby to enjoy receiving attention and affection through listening to animal sounds.

You will need:

  • You and your baby
  • Finger Puppets (if available)


  1. Sitting outside or inside, place your child in a baby chair or in your lap.
  2. If you have finger puppets available, get ready to sing this action song OR just use your voice and hands, they both work well:

Words and Actions:

There was a little mouse
And he sat right there
(hold baby’s hand and tickle her palm)

When the cat said _____
(make an animal sound such as ‘meow’)

He ran right up the stairs!
(run fingers up baby’s arm and tickle under the chin)
(With each repetition of the rhyme substitute a different animal and its
sound, e.g., dog, wolf, frog, chicken, snake, goose, etc.).


  • Sing a simple rhyme
  • Be motivated to listen and laugh with you through physical contact (i.e. tickles)


  • Use your voice and actions (or finger puppets if available)
  • Learn to look, touch, and listen as you sing.

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