This is the Mother

Emotional Development means the development of a full range of emotions from sad to happy to angry, and learning to deal with them appropriately. This helps build self-esteem and leads to such deeper qualities as sympathy, caring, resiliency, assertiveness and empathy and the ability to rise to life’s challenges.

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This recognition and language activity allows your baby to enjoy special one-to-one attention and affectionate contact with you. The lullaby is a simple word song that includes family members' names that will build on your baby's self-esteem.


  1. For each line of the rhyme, gently wiggle each of your baby’s fingers,beginning with the thumb.
  2. On the last line of the rhyme, kiss your baby’s hand or blow a kiss. The names of other family members (e.g., aunt, cousin, grandma, grandpa, etc.) can be used in this song, and may even be said in your traditional language.)

Words and Actions:

This is the mother
This is the father
This is the brother tall
This is the sister
This is the baby
Oh how we love them all!


  • Gently grasp your baby's fingers and recite the rhyme
  • Begin to develop affection for others.
  • Enjoy time spent together.


  • Say the words in the lullaby.
  • Discover their fingers can be used for imaginative play.

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