Toddler Picnic


Domain Association: Thinking

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You will need:

  • Flyers from a grocery store
  • Food (i.e. sandwiches and fruits)
  • Basket (or bag to carry the food)
  • Activities (balls, bubbles, toys)


  1. A head of time gather some flyers from your grocery stores.
  2. Introduce this activity by showing your toddler pictures of food for the picnic (i.e. sandwiches and fruit).
  3. Make a grocery list for the picnic with your toddler using the pictures of food from the flyers.
  4. Together with your toddler, go to the grocery store and talk about how food is grown or made, for example, cheese is made from milk, and milk comes from cows.
  5. Place the food on plates and bowls in a place that your toddler can reach.
  6. Support your toddler to make the sandwiches with you by placing your hand over their hand (if needed) and talk out loud as you do this, for example, “Let’s put the cheese on the bread now”
  7. Place the food in containers.
  8. Together with your toddler pack the food, water, blanket, and activities (i.e. ball, bubbles, or toys) in the basket.
  9. Let your child help set up the blanket and the food with you.
  10. As you are eating recall the conversation about how food is grown and where food comes from.


  • If you give your toddler opportunities to help as you shop
  • Your toddler will feel good about the experience and will want to do it again


  • If you talk about where food comes from and where it is bought
  • Your toddler will be more curious to try different types of food
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