Toddler Playing Ball


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You will need:

  • Large ball
  • Outdoor space


  1. Introduce this activity by saying to your toddler “Let’s play ball!”
  2. The have your toddler sit down and you will sit opposite him, face to face, touching their feet. There should be a diamond shape between your legs.
  3. As you roll the ball to your toddler you can say “Get the ball”
  4. Then you can encourage your toddler to roll it back to you by looking at them and saying “Now roll the ball to me” or place your hand on your toddlers hand (if needed) and roll the ball.
  5. Remember to engage your child with eye contact and encourage them with lots of ‘hoorays’.


  • If you roll the ball to your toddler gently to ensure it reaches them
  • Your toddler will feel proud


  • If you play ball with you toddler
  • Your toddler will develop an understanding of taking turns

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