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Picture Book

This picture book activity encourages your baby to practice their small muscles in the fingers and hands to turn the pages in the book. You will enjoy depicting the photos and your baby will attempt to grasp and hold the picture book to strengthen their fine motor skills.

Eye Droppers & Coffee Filters

This is an activity that will encourage children to strengthen their grasping skills as they use eye droppers to create designs with food colouring.

Child with paint all over face

Fabulous Face Paint

Making face paint is a simple art towards being someone or something else! You and your toddler can enjoy the special moment together, pretending to be animals, insects or community helpers!

Child carrying watering can

Egg Carton Garden

You don’t need a backyard to explore planting with your child! Simple tools such as seeds, soil, a spoon and an egg carton lid are all you need to make a little garden grow. Here is a simple Nurture, Explore, and Share activity to help your toddler’s love of gardening start to blossom!