Crafty Corner Activities


Stitched Felt Maze Runner /

This maze gaze game is a great project that can be easily customized for different learning levels. Mazes can made small or large and made more complex according to what your child is ready for.


Yarn Ends Mini Woven Hanging /

Making this craft inspires children sense of pride by seeing their one of a kind art. This craft also gives your child choices to decide colours and textures.


Sensory Board Match-Up /

This is a fun beginning board game for you to play with your child that will encourage matching skills.


Mini Terrariums /

Moss terrariums are a perfect project for getting your family out in nature and then preserving a piece of it to be enjoyed at home.


Felt shape match up /

This simple match up game will help your child identify
different colours and shapes. Start them off with one panel and add extra panels and matching pieces to enhance the challenge.


Cosmic Craft Play Mat /

This is a fun craft for the star enthusiast in your family. Making a craft play mat inspired by the stars is a great way to start crafting!