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Travelling with Your Preschooler

Travelling with your child is a different experience for every family. Whether your child is a natural explorer or not, these Nurture, Explore & Share tips will help you and your child with your travelling experience.

Reading Time with Your Preschooler

Your child might be able to retell a familiar story, but she still wants you to read the story to her, especially her favourite ones. Reading time doesn’t have to be a set time in the day where you sit down with your child and a book. It could be during bath time, car rides, … Read More

Bed Time with Your Preschooler

Bed time can be challenging if your preschooler is still playing and wants more time. These Nurture, Explore & Share tips can help make bedtime an easier time for everyone. Your child has a say in their bedtime and you’re not struggling to put them to sleep.

Bath Time with Your Preschooler

Bath time can be tricky if your child says “I don’t want to take a bath”. Make bath time less stressful and more fun with these Nurture, Explore & Share tips!

Meal Time with Your Preschooler

Meal time with your preschooler can be difficult, especially if they are a picky eaters, but try to avoid rewarding your child for eating a food they don’t like with dessert. Use these Nurture, Explore & Share tips to help make mealtime a good time for everyone.

Play Time with Your Preschooler

Your child enjoys playing with other children but you’re still their #1 play mate too. You can help guide your child with these Nurture, Explore & Share tips


Stitched Felt Maze Runner

This maze gaze game is a great project that can be easily customized for different learning levels. Mazes can made small or large and made more complex according to what your child is ready for.


Yarn Ends Mini Woven Hanging

Making this craft inspires children sense of pride by seeing their one of a kind art. This craft also gives your child choices to decide colours and textures.


Sensory Board Match-Up

This is a fun beginning board game for you to play with your child that will encourage matching skills.