Play Time with Your Baby: 1 to 3 months

Your baby is precious, everything in the world is unfamiliar. This is the time to bond with your baby and discover one another. These Nurture, Explore & Share tips will help you connect with your child during their earliest months. Inviting other family members to play is even more exciting!

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  • If you recognize and respond to your baby’s cues that tell you how he likes to be handled and touched
  • Your baby will communicate to you more often knowing that you understand his cues
  • If you sing to your baby
  • Your baby will take comfort in songs and sounds she knows
  • If you provide soft toys, blankets and other "soothers" that your baby finds comforting
  • Your baby will begin to quiet down on his own after an upset
  • If you gently rock and cuddle your baby
  • Your baby will feel secure in your arms
  • Your baby will begin to feel rhythm and movement


  • If you provide soft, lullaby music
  • Your child will enjoy new sounds that are as comforting as speech
  • If you suspend a colourful toy over the crib
  • Your child will practice looking at things when on her back
  • If you place a toy close enough for your baby’s kicks to hit it and make a sound
  • Your child will discover that he can cause something to move and make a noise

Everyday Moments: