Play Time with Your Baby: 10 to 12 months

Your baby is growing and will almost be a toddler! They are exploring the world around them and enjoy playing with different adults and children. You can help them explore with the Nurture, Explore & Share tips. Everyone can play with your baby, the more the merrier!

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  • If you sing familiar songs as often as possible
  • Your child will feel encouraged to attempt to imitate the words or actions
  • If you provide a safe place where your baby can crawl and explore
  • Your child will confidently explore objects around him by gazing, reaching, pointing or moving toward
  • If you play a game in which you and your baby take turns doing simple actions (i.e. clapping)
  • Your child will learn that she can make an adult follow her lead


  • If you provide opportunities to play with other babies
  • Your child will try out ways to communicate and engage with other babies
  • If you sing songs and do finger plays that encourage him to move his fingers
  • Your child will learn to move his fingers with greater control as he listens to the words
  • If you Encourage your baby to make music and dance with shakers, pots and pans
  • Your child will love making noise, hearing rhythm and moving her body in time to music

Everyday Moments: