Play Time with Your Baby: 4 to 6 months

Your baby is starting to understand the world more and increasingly beginning to enjoy toys more. Toys are a fun way to help your child explore, but you can also play simple games with your baby. These Nurture, Explore & Share tips will help your baby feel comfortable around you. Your baby will enjoy playtime even more when they play with others! Make sure to use reading examples wherever possible – ultimately instilling a lifelong love of learning.

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  • If you show your baby one toy at a time
  • You child will be able to focus and explore without feeling rushed
  • If you sing and talk to your baby as much as possible
  • Your child will take comfort in the songs and sounds she knows
  • If you use daily routines like feeding and bathing as a time to play; add tickles, peek-a-boo or finger plays
  • Your child will feel reassured about what to expect at these times


  • If you play games like "peek-a-boo" or "Mummy’s coming to get you"
  • Your child will learn that you leave but you come back
  • If you offer objects with different textures to explore
  • Your child will experience and eventually learn to distinguish different textures, e.g., hard, soft, bumpy, etc.
  • If you read to your baby at any time expressions
  • Your child will enjoy the quiet oneon- one time as you describe the pictures to him
  • If you offer your baby soft toys to explore in different positions
  • Your baby will explore a toy in different ways

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