Play Time with Your Preschooler

Your child enjoys playing with other children but you’re still their #1 play mate too. You can help guide your child with these Nurture, Explore & Share tips

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  • If your child gets upset during playtime and you help him understand his emotions
  • Your child will feel better and more in control of his feelings
  • If you listen to your child sharing their accomplishments or a story he heard about
  • Your child will be more open and happy to share ideas and thoughts with you


  • If your child has an argument with another child and you explain to your child how the other child feels
  • Your child will start to understand the other’s point of view and feelings
  • If your child asks ‘why’ questions and you do your best to answer it or search up the answer together
  • Your child’s play will grow with this new knowledge and share the information with his peers

Everyday Moments: