Play Time with Your Toddler

This is a new and exciting time for your toddler as they are busy exploring, playing and discovering the world around them. You can learn more about your toddlers play time using the Nurture, Explore and Share tips. Play time and discovery will become more enjoyable at this time.

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  • If you respond with praise to your toddler building a tower
  • Your toddler will feel pride in the tower that they built
  • If you recognize your toddler's feelings when they are excited about a book
  • Your toddler will become more aware of their own feelings


  • If you provide opportunities for your child to play with other children
  • Your toddler will observe other children’s play and become interested in similar play activities
  • If you provide your child with more than one of the same play toys while they are playing with other children
  • Your child will engage in the same activity as other children

Everyday Moments: