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Upset child with pregnant mother

Help! My toddler is jealous of the new baby!

Having a new baby fit into the family when you already have an older child – or children – is quite an adjustment for everyone. A young child, in particular, can feel rejected because you need to spend so much time with the baby. Toddlers may react in some harsh ways, like wanting you to … Read More

Baby with family members

Helping your baby build close relationships

Babies are born with the need to form close relationships with caring and responsive adults – what childhood experts call “attachments.” If children don’t have the opportunity to develop close, uninterrupted attachments with nurturing adults during the early years, young children will find it more difficult to learn, to become confident and to trust others. … Read More

Crying child

Helping your child deal with his feelings

It’s a good idea to help your child learn to manage his emotions, but remember you don’t want to stop young children from having feelings all together. It’s much better to help your child learn better ways of dealing with his feelings instead. Here are several things that you can try: Try to set a good … Read More


How Does Your Child Speak and Understand Languages?

Have you ever wondered how your child is learning, for example, learning languages? Little do we know, it’s all comes from the way we speak and how much we speak. In other words, repeating words and sentences to your child can improve their development in language and literacy—their ability to read and write. Below are … Read More


How Does Your Child Think About Family?

Family Lives Most parents love being called, Mommy or Daddy by their child. This is as essential as the hugs and kisses we give our children. Hollywood has often portrayed the traditional family as Mother (female), Father (male), and child. The evolution of family make-up has been changing for many years. More recently, we are moving towards … Read More

How to use the Cry it Out Method

If you’re going to attempt to have your baby sleep through the night, you need a good plan! If you’re not sure how to proceed with this approach, we can help. If you’re going to attempt to have your baby sleep through the night, you need a good plan! If you’ve done night weaning, have … Read More

I feel awkward around my baby

Sometimes new parents feel awkward with their new baby or have trouble relating to her. This is a normal feeling and will usually pass. Our experts have developed some tips to help you when you’re feeling this way. If you are having trouble relating to your baby, here are some tips that may help. Remember … Read More

Is your child ready for potty training?

As much as you’re looking forward to being through with dirty diapers, you can’t rush your child’s learning to use the toilet. Some children may start to be ready for potty training at 18 months others are not ready until they are about two or three years old, they don’t have the necessary physical control … Read More

Long drives with your baby

Travelling as a family with baby in tow, can be fun, but it does require some planning ahead. Consider the following if you are traveling by car: plan that the drive will take longer than you would normally expect. take a break after every 2 hours – this gives your baby some time to be … Read More

Night-Weaning your baby

Want your baby to start sleeping through the night? It can happen! But, first you need to begin night weaning your baby. We can guide you through this process with some time-tested Comfort, Play & Teach® strategies. Generally, it’s okay to start night weaning your baby after he’s 6 months old. But check with your … Read More