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About your 3-year-old

By age three, your child is becoming more and more her own person and you’ll be able to get a real sense of personality. Your child will gain self-esteem and a sense of who she is. Children are not as afraid of being abandoned now, and are generally optimistic and cheerful. Your child is probably … Read More

Adjusting to a new daycare/school

Adjusting to a new setting takes time. Your preschooler needs to know that you are on his team as he moves towards being comfortable in a new daycare or school. Here are several ways to help your child adjust to a new daycare or school: Let your child know that you realize change isn’t easy … Read More

Avoiding nagging your preschooler

Pick up your toys! Eat your dinner! Hang up your coat! Sound familiar? When you tell your preschooler over and over again to do something, she can become pretty good at tuning you out. Here are several ways to avoid nagging all the time: Talk to your child when everyone is calm, about what is … Read More

Building effective communication

According to our experts, the key to effective communication between you and your preschooler is active listening and providing an appropriate positive response. This may sound simple, but sometimes we forget to use these important skills with our young children. Here are their suggestions to enhance your communication with your child: Active Listening: when your … Read More

Cleaning up toys

Sometimes it seems to be impossible to get your child to clean up his toys. Our experts say that this is normal. Encouraging your child to cooperate and complete chores can sometimes be frustrating. Try to avoid a battle of wills: Warn your child ahead of time that “soon it will be time to tidy up.” … Read More

Contributing to your child’s school readiness

In September, many children will attend school for the first time. They will be expected to be able to communicate, to demonstrate basic knowledge, to socialize with others and to show independence. As a parent, you may wonder if your child is adequately prepared for these expectations in kindergarten. Do play experiences in the early … Read More

Sheets after bedwetting

Coping with bedwetting

Remember, no child purposely wets the bed. And while it can be frustrating or upsetting for both of you, there are ways to make it easier on everyone. Here are several of them. Try to decrease the amount of fluids your child has before bedtime and especially drinks that have caffeine. Make a routine of … Read More

Coping with the death of a pet

You can help your child cope with the death of a pet by helping her to understand that loss and grief are a natural part of the cycle of life. Encourage your child to tell you what she is feeling and answer any questions. There are also books available in the children’s section of the … Read More

Happy Father's Day

Daddy… My Hero!

As you look back at history in our society, fathers typically have not played a significant role in the early years of their child’s development. More typically, mothers have taken on that role, becoming the primary caretaker through those early formative years. Fathers would participate less frequently in their children’s everyday moments such as feeding, … Read More

Father and son washing car in driveway

Encouraging your child to help with chores

When it comes to getting your child involved in household chores, it’s good to start when they are very young by introducing small tasks. Preschoolers can put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, put toys away and pitch in by helping with the dishes or hanging up clothes. Young children often want to “help” you … Read More