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Finding quality time with your toddler

Work, household chores and social activities all put a strain on your time with your toddler but it’s really important to spend quality time together. This will help build a trusting relationship, and reassure your child that he can count on you. But you can’t turn on quality time like a light switch. It comes … Read More

Preschooler with a teddy bear

Growing up to be kind and caring

Toddlers don’t understand when other people don’t feel like they do, or that sometimes they are not the most important people in the world. But does this mean that they won’t grow to be kind and caring individuals? No, it does not. You may wonder if children will ever be kind and caring when they … Read More

Handling Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can develop for many reasons: In some cases it’s due to the personalities of the children Other times children may feel jealous For example, one sibling is really good at playing sports or is really good at school, but the other one struggles with these things. Some sibling rivalry is to be expected. … Read More

Child covering his mouth

Help! My child doesn’t like to speak!

Some children seem quiet and reluctant to talk. Some don’t naturally and easily use language to express their needs and wants, to comment on things, to get information or to entertain others. Other children may use language comfortably, but only in familiar situations. Being quiet in new situations is very common in children, particularly young … Read More

Three to four year old

Help! My Child Doesn’t Want to go to School

Some children become very anxious or scared about going to childcare or school. This is especially common in September, or when your child starts in a new setting, but it can happen at any time. The typical signs are complaints about feeling sick, crankiness, tantrums, saying they can’t find things or refusing to get dressed … Read More

Help! My child is refusing to sleep!

There are many things that can cause your child to stay awake at bedtime or to wake in the night and stay awake. Some examples are illness, digestive problems, allergies, a move to a new home, or change in child care provider and even anxiety. You may not know it, but your child could be … Read More

Upset child with pregnant mother

Help! My toddler is jealous of the new baby!

Having a new baby fit into the family when you already have an older child – or children – is quite an adjustment for everyone. A young child, in particular, can feel rejected because you need to spend so much time with the baby. Toddlers may react in some harsh ways, like wanting you to … Read More

Crying child

Helping your child deal with his feelings

It’s a good idea to help your child learn to manage his emotions, but remember you don’t want to stop young children from having feelings all together. It’s much better to help your child learn better ways of dealing with his feelings instead. Here are several things that you can try: Try to set a good … Read More

Child riding a bike

Helping your child overcome his fears

When you comfort your frightened child, you are helping him feel safe. This sense of security gives him the courage he needs to eventually face and conquer his fears. It’s normal for all youngsters to be afraid of something at one point or another, whether it’s thunder, large dogs, bees, the dark or imaginary things … Read More

Sheets after bedwetting

Helping your child stop bedwetting

Here are several strategies from our experts that you can try to help your toddler stop wetting the bed: Limit how much your child drinks after dinner especially any drinks with caffeine. Try and limit any fluids 2 hours before bedtime. Use training pants and not diapers.  Diapers may interfere with your child’s motivation to … Read More