Childcare Anxiety

You know exactly how your child likes to be lulled to sleep, how to comfort her when she falls down, what her favourite songs and games are. Let’s be completely honest, can anyone do it at well as you Deep down, most parents feel like this. That is, they feel that no one can care for their baby as well as they can.

Making childcare arrangements can leave parents feeling a range of emotions. You might feel anxiety, guilt and even resentment, but having the right information can help ease some of your anxiety about leaving your child with a babysitter or in a daycare setting.

Some Comforting Thoughts

Study after study shows that babies flourish when people with whom they have mutual loving relationships care for them.

Babies can have several loving relationships. No matter what kind of care you choose, or how old your child is, you don’t give up your role as a parent when you put your baby in someone else’s care. You’re actually allowing other loving people to share in the honour of caring for your baby. Keep in mind that others are only sharing your child’s love; you’re still your baby’s mother or father.

Your baby will love you best and will be thrilled to see you when you return, even if he spends long days with someone else who has loved him dearly since day one.

Some parents mistakenly think it’s okay to leave their child in a loveless childcare situation to ensure their baby loves them best. Your child’s love is not easily controlled or channelled; she will become attached to the people who care for her—whether she’s receiving lots of love or not.

Keep in mind that to thrive, your child needs lots of affection. When your child has plenty of people in her life that make her feel loved, she will love them right back. In fact, your baby needs love more than ever when you’re gone. Don’t be leery of bringing a loving person into your baby’s life; it’s good for your baby, and good for you, too!