Temperament and Goodness of Fit

Goodness of Fit is the match or mismatch of temperament traits between two members of the family. In many cases, there are at least three people in family, and therefore, three temperaments – Mom’s, Dad’s, Child’s. How these temperaments fit together often explains how easy it is to parent the child as a team.

It is important for parents to know how they rank on the nine temperament traits. The Goodness of Fit Worksheet will help you identify the level of traits that you feel you have. It is often helpful for both parents to complete the Goodness of Fit worksheet separately, and then compare the ratings they gave themselves and each other.

Download the Goodness of Fit worksheet »

Once the worksheets are done, it can be beneficial for each parent to complete the Temperament Worksheet for their child, and then examine how the child and the parents fit, or do not fit, together as a family.

Download the Temperament worksheet »

There are three typical Goodness of Fit challenges to parenting as a team:

  • Mom and child fit together easily, but Dad doesn’t.
  • Dad and child fit together easily, but Mom doesn’t.
  • Mom and Dad fit together easily, but their child doesn’t

Remember, a lot a parenting is tied to Goodness of Fit between your temperament traits, your partner’s temperament traits and those of your children.

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