Will The Outdoors Inspire My Baby’s Learning?

Child walking with father

Why wait to take advantage of the nice weather? Take some indoor activities outdoors, as your baby develops important relationships, and learns new words. As new parents, it is important to encourage your baby to use their five senses (to touch, to see, to hear, to smell and to taste) because it encourages them to try new challenges, negotiate activities, and cooperate with others. Developing these lifelong characteristics in the early years will benefit your baby’s healthy development.

As new parents, playing along with your baby means your baby will be less stressed and more willing to explore in their everyday life. The five senses (touch, smell, see, hear, taste) are the pathways to your baby’s learning; this is what your baby brings to every new environment. The moments you spend exploring and nurturing your baby’s development through nature walks, nesting boxes, and songs, the more your baby will be motivated to explore the world! Participating in your child’s play is the window into who they are!

Did You Know…?

  • Lacing, pinching a clothes pin on a line, and using a spray bottle, all help build your child’s finger muscles for writing later on.
  • Providing different spaced boxes allows your child to compare sizes (i.e. smaller, bigger, really little) that build on their thinking development.
  • Babies are very sensitive to your tone of voice and your natural body scents.


  • When you hold your child's hands as they are taking their first risky steps
  • Your child will feel safe and secure.
  • When you take a nature walk and comment on the smells and colours of flowers, the insects and animals
  • Your child will develop balance and strength and likely to be more interested in walking.


  • When you bring nesting boxes (5 or more boxes or shapes which fit into one another) outside on a blanket
  • Your child will feel inspired to take on new challenges in a different environment.
  • When you think out loud by saying "Oh this box doesn't fit, where does it go"
  • Your child will learn there are different spaces in each box when putting the boxes inside each other.

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