Your baby’s check-ups

Baby and doctor

When you have a new baby, doctor’s visits become a common occurrence. Knowing what to expect at these appointments can make things less stressful for you and help them run more smoothly. The following articles take you through typical visits to your health care provider from birth to six months.

Your child will likely have about nine routine check-ups between birth and two-years-old. These are timed to give parents and doctors the best assessment of how children are growing. This is also when you receive vaccinations to inoculate babies against diseases.

Check-ups are a great opportunity for parents to ask their health care provider some of the questions they have. For example, if you have travel plans coming up you might want to talk to your doctor about baby’s routine and anything you should be concerned about. Your health care provider can give you preventative guidance and let you know about any immunizations your baby might need to travel.

At the appointment you will have to undress your baby, so be sure to take a lightweight blanket with you to keep your baby warm while waiting for the doctor or test results.

The other health care providers that your baby should see within the first year are a dentist and an optometrist.  The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommend that a baby have an eye examination at 6 months of age and then every 12-24 months. Your baby should see a dentist when his first tooth appears or at least once before they reach their first birthday.